What Are You Doing With My Identity!

Identity Theft  & Fraud:

What Thieves do With Your Personal Info

Do you ever wonder what thieves do with a stolen identity?  There are some obvious ones, but here are some things that you may not think of.  Everything falls under the umbrella of fraud so we will break out what criminals are doing in 5 various areas of fraud.


Credit Card Fraud:
  • Thieves may open a new card in your name and rack up big bills, negatively affecting your credit.
  • If they have obtained a stolen card or card number, they may change the billing address and run up charges.  This practice has become less common with online bill pay.


Phone or Utilities Fraud:
  • Thieves commonly open up new phone or wireless accounts in your name as this is relatively easy to do.
  • Thieves also may use your identity to get electricity, heating, cable TV, etc.


Finance Fraud:
  • Counterfeit checks
  • Fake bank accounts
  • Access your ATM or debit card electronically


Official Documents Fraud:
  • Thieves may get a driver’s license or official ID card issued in your name but with their photograph.
  • They may use your name and Social Security number to get government benefits.
  • They may file a fraudulent return using your tax information.


Other Fraud:
  • They use your personal information to gain employment.
  • They may rent a house or get medical services using your name.
  • They may give your personal information to police during an arrest.


Have you suffered from identity theft? Are there any criminal uses we missed?

Please share your story or comments below.  Thanks – TDN


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